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Patients waiting for care

One should not have to decide between going to the doctor and buying groceries. I believe that affordable healthcare for all Texans is important, and we cannot afford to cut Medicaid or Medicare. Medicaid provides a much-needed service for our most vulnerable citizens: our children and our seniors. Especially at risk are our elderly, who face a considerable loss in Medicaid benefits that cover nursing homes. Republicans also want to decrease the benefits available in Medicare, requiring retirees, who have already paid into the Medicare system their entire careers—to pay even more.         


school book

I believe access to a public education is a right guaranteed by the Constitution. As a daughter of two retired teachers and former teacher myself, I believe that teachers and students should spend less time on testing and more time learning. I also believe that students who desire to attain higher education should not be saddled with crippling student loans. I believe there should be more affordable solutions.


Texas Highway

The infrastructure in Texas and our nation is appalling. This is evident in the state of our roads, bridges, and energy grids. For our nation to flourish, our companies must be able to transport their goods across our roads and bridges without issue. As your Congresswoman, I will work to see that these issues are addressed.


Solar and wind power are the energy sources of our future. Worldwide, petroleum resources are being depleted and contributing to geopolitical instability. We need to develop new energy resources for the future that will create jobs for our nation and economy. Global warming and environmental pollution are also serious concerns that need to be addressed. The Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board has been addressing environmental concerns since the 1950s and my own hometown of Llano recently won the award for the Outstanding Water and Soil Conservation District in the entire state of Texas. In Texas, we know what it takes to conserve our environment, and we have the resources to do it when the resources and knowledge are backed by smart policy.

Security and Safety

Border security, common sense gun safety, and election security are only some of the modern day problems affecting our nation. Our money should be spent on educating and equipping our border patrol, not on building walls around our nation’s borders. While we all agree to the right to protect ourselves we must have common sense gun laws. A waiting period to ensure the lawful purchase of firearms will help protect all our citizens. The Constitution guarantees all citizens the right to vote, but gerrymandering and voter ID laws have disenfranchised many Americans. Our election laws must protect the right to vote. We must also maintain the integrity of our election system by protecting it against hacking and voter fraud.