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Leeder Outraises Conaway in Second Quarter

Jennie Lou Leeder, Democratic candidate for Texas' 11th Congressional District OUTRAISED Republican incumbent Mike Conaway in donations from individual contributors in the second quarter of 2018, according to the most recent FEC filings. Leeder received contributions from more than double the number of donors as the thirteen year incumbent from Midland. Like an old oil well in West Texas whose pumpjack has stopped turning, Mike Conaway’s support in this district is drying up.

In Q2 over 85% of Mr. Conaway’s donations came from PACs and corporations. Even when adding in these contributions Conaway failed to raise enough money to even cover the expenses for his campaign. The former accountant ran up a debt that had to be paid for by dipping into his reserve funds. A few campaign expenditures of note that led to this debt include $1,213.96 at the Venetian Hotel, a luxury hotel in Las Vegas, over $1,000 in tickets to Washington Nationals games, $3,318.75 at Oyamel Cocina Mexicana Restaurant, $2,957.50 for RPM Italian Restaurant, $1,257.80 at the Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar, and $514.65 at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington, D.C. Mike Conaway is taking money from PACs to live high on the hog in Washington, D.C. while his constituents struggle to meet the basic needs of a middle-class lifestyle. Frankly, Mike Conaway is out of touch with his constituents and out of step with the needs of the nation.

District 11 is proving that it is tired of Mike Conaway and is looking for a new voice to represent them. Jennie Lou Leeder is mounting a serious campaign based on grassroots support to retire Mike Conaway, and the quarterly report proves this.

Jennie Lou Leeder is a 7th generation Texan running for US Congress in TX-11. A former teacher, businesswoman, and current coach, Leeder is running to increase access to healthcare, increase funding for education (including increased teacher pay), and fund infrastructure projects across the district.


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