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Issue 2: Education

Access to a quality public education is a right guaranteed by the Constitution. As a daughter of two retired teachers and former teacher myself, I know the challenges teachers and students are faced with today.  Addressing those problems begins with properly funding public schools and ensuring that state and federal tax dollars paid into public schooling remain dedicated to public schooling.

 Increasing federal funding for public education would decrease inequities in rural/urban/suburban schools and reduce the burden on local taxpayers. School facilities must be invested in as infrastructure projects, so that we can ensure the best quality learning environments for all students, including high speed internet access at school so students may complete their school projects and access educational material. I also strongly support the inclusion of trade programs at high schools for those students who do not wish to attend college.

 In addition, higher education—including post-secondary vocational schooling, community college, and university education—should be affordable for all who wish to attend. Students should not be saddled with debt upon graduation.